A Word With You (2013)

An interactive public art installation made of over 300 hand-crafted wood tiles.
Celebrating words and everyone’s innate ability to play, it invites the audience to express themselves, in any language of choice, and create a temporary artwork collectively, thus promoting education and social integration.
Each participant contributes with one word. As the words can’t work in isolation, this suggests a democratic exercise, an attempt to document the collective consciousness at the time of each performance.

The idea is to perform in many different cities around the world. Each performance is documented in time-lapses and photos. Such documentation would represent each of these places and the material compiled one day will form part of a single exhibition.

A Word With You (AKA Scrabbling) first appeared at the Infecting the City 2012 Public Art Festival. Since then it has been performed at 100in1day, Open Streets in Langa, First Thursdays and in and around Cape Town.